Calm the Chaos of Divorce


Every routine, every experience and appearance that life was settled, is shattered once you know divorce is imminent. Contemplating change this sweeping leads to an inner chaos. Knowing this is a natural response to sweeping change and working with your mind to tame the inner chaos will put you in the best possible position to navigate these inevitable changes.  


The sooner you learn how to calm the inner divorce chaos the more effectively you’ll be at navigating the outer divorce chaos. 


The first step in taming divorce chaos is keeping your focus on what and how YOU are thinking. If you are being honest with yourself you’ll begin to notice that your thinking is often based on old thought patterns that while once productive are now creating obstacles for navigating the current situation and the challenges it brings. 


Thoughts that make it more painful and harder to adapt to this season of change are disadvantageous to follow. They act as weeds in a garden, robbing the sunshine and water that the vegetable, fruit, and flower seedlings you started need. The weed thoughts to look out for are:


  • Your inner critic, the voice telling you you aren’t good enough and you don’t have what it takes
  • Your assumptions that the worst will occur
  • Your interpretations of why things are happening and those around you are choosing to say and do what they are, and
  • Your limiting beliefs 


These weed thoughts will get in the way of a calm and focus that will serve you well while navigating divorce.  Just as weeds grow faster and stronger than seedlings, so too do your weed thoughts rapidly sprout up and take over if not carefully tended.  The discipline of looking inward at your thought behavior before reacting to external circumstances invites a conscious awareness and will help minimize the external chaos.


By observing and questioning your thoughts and reactions rather than your spouse’s you will be able to shift from what’s creating more chaos and strife to designing thoughts and responses that result in more peace and harmony.


Divorce is a highly disruptive process. The outcome of taming divorce chaos is moving away from the conversations and actions that lead you farther from towards those that lead you closer to the outcomes you desire. 


With guidance, intention, and effort you can cultivate your inner resources and choose to tame divorce chaos. Do so and you will be able to transition through and beyond divorce with greater grace and dignity. 

If you are experiencing the chaos of divorce and want to be empowered to navigate your divorce with greater ease, sign up for our Rapid Relief Call and power your ability to calm the chaos! 


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