Do You Feel Like a Doormat? 
Do You Feel Powerless in Your Relationship?

Make Standing Up For Yourself Simple


Your partner speaks disrespectfully, criticizing, cursing or belittling your character. You keep asking them to stop, explaining how hurtful it is. Your requests are constantly ignored. You’re frustrated and don’t know how to stop it.

Your ex keeps bringing up grown-up topics during pick up and drop off,  in front of the kids. You ask that “we keep those conversations private” to protect the children. Your ex continues engaging within earshot of the kids.  While you’re divorced, you still feel stuck in the same powerless dynamic.

You’ve asked your spouse to refrain from texting and emailing you throughout the day so you can focus on your job, but the frequency of the texts/emails just keep coming and are often blaming or hurtful.  You keep reading, getting triggered and responding while requesting they STOP!  You feel stuck and don’t know how to break the cycle.

WE KNOW you keep engaging because you don’t want to miss important communications and you know you want to be collaborative…There's a better way!

being free of the assaulting words and behavior you've grown used to and feeling the confidence and safety that comes when you know how to protect yourself from toxic behavior!!


Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to spend 5 days learning and practicing the skill boundary setting, so that you can clearly articulate what you need and have a plan to uphold those boundaries...without a fight!!

Join me LIVE via Zoom

August 14th-18th
5 Day Life-Changing Boundary Challenge

Don't worry if you can't make it live, everything will be recorded and emailed to you!! 
DAY 1 - MONDAY 7/17

Own Your Sh*t…and Don’t Take on Theirs!

Learn how to take responsibility for yourself and create healthy boundaries.

  1. The truth behind your triggered reactions

  2. How to Take back your power

  3. How to not take their reactions personally

DAY 2 - TUESDAY 7/18

Only Say Yes When You Mean It!

Learn how to align your 'Yes' with your values and needs.

  1. Examining the 'false yes'

  2. Clarity around what's really important to you

  3. Uproot the fear around being honest


The Art of Saying No Effectively

Learn to say "No" firmly and with certainty.

  1. The Power of a firm response

  2. Invite in the grey and propose alternatives

  3. How saying no is a yes to you


Boundaries Around Verbal Communication

Learn to set verbal communication boundaries with toxic individuals.

  1. How to NOT take the bait

  2. The Brilliance of BIFF

  3. Clarity around your non-negotiables

DAY 5 - FRIDAY 7/21

Exercising Boundaries In a Digital World

Learn how to protect yourself from harassing digital communication.

  1. How to determine when is a response needed

  2. How to get clear on what's okay and what's not

  3. How to avoid digital harassment


  • Live 5-Day Training (Valued at $397) [Replays available]
  • Daily Step by Step How-To Worksheet with Action Plan (Valued at $197)
  • Daily access to host, Karen McMahon in an Exclusive Facebook Group. Ask questions and get coached! 
  • Lifetime Access

Valued at: $594

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I'm Karen McMahon

As the founder of Journey Beyond Divorce, I have been supporting individuals to set boundaries and divorce safely for the last decade. 

At the end of a very tumultuous 3.5 year divorce, I moved out.  Shortly after that I found my ex in my living room watching TV with my daughter! 

Not exactly a situation I ever expected to have to deal with! But with the right boundaries put into place, I was able to explain to my daughter how daddy stays in his house and cannot hangout at mine...and to my ex, that he is not welcome and that should he enter my home again, I will be inviting local law enforcement to visit.

I felt confident in my approach and well on my way to feeling safe and protected by my own actions!

Now I use what I've learned to help people just like you to set clear boundaries and always have a plan to uphold them. I’ll show you how to apply this concept in any situation you find yourself in.


"This week was great! I have found so much gems in one week than in many years.

My life has had trauma since I was in my family home, and I have married 3x and even the ex's all have the same things in common, I found that I gave my power away.

Generational chains that will now be broken thanks to God showing me this new challenge and finding a better way.

This is game changer, but I have the work ahead me for a life time. Can't wait for the programs."

-Daryl G. 

"The challenge gave me lots of new insights, practical skills to learn and practice, resources and homework to reinforce concepts, and small group discussion, which enriched my experience.

Karen geared each talk to the needs of her audience and each participant's questions, concerns, and unique situations were acknowledged, heard, and supported.

I have been working on establishing, communicating, and enforcing boundaries for some time, but I still came away with so much new, relevant, valuable info!"

- Anonymous

"You owe it to yourself (and your sanity!) to do this – you will see immediate results, be more serene and know your next steps."

- Lissy