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Are you struggling with fear and uncertainty?

Overwhelmed with the emotional grief and pain of divorce?

Not sure how to manage financial and legal complexities?

Worried about coparenting or divorce's impact on your children?

If you answered YES to any of these questions...

Our Coaches

Karen McMahon

Karen’s passion is to help men and women navigate the emotional difficulties of relationships, breakups and divorce. Working with her will open the possibility of using your challenges to grow.

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Lisa Brick

For 4 decades, Lisa Brick is committed to providing a clear pathway for learning and turning the pain and turmoil of the divorce process into an opportunity for personal growth, development and liberation. 

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Caren Pofsky

Caren Pofsky is dedicated to helping individuals discover an inner strength far beyond what they ever imagined and use that strength to move beyond divorce and build a rewarding post divorce life.

More About Caren

"“While in the midst of the darkness and pain that my sudden divorce brought upon me, meeting Karen was a ray of hope. She listened, really listened, and then with heartfelt compassion, guided me to a place where I can accept the fact that there is a purpose for everything. Her tenderness is coupled with conviction. And I feel blessed to have found such an insightful and practical coach to guide me through this journey of divorce.”"

Geri K.
Coaching Client of Karen McMahon

"“My session with Lisa provided space for me to feel cared for and understood. It was very cathartic and I was able to feel less guilty and forgive myself for things that weren’t my fault. She is a warm, kind, and down-to-earth woman who sincerely wants to help you make it through to the other side of your personal hell. I’m so grateful she was there just when I felt my need was greatest. Lisa – just writing this brought me to tears. I’ll never forget your call coming when I was feeling so desperate. Now I’m in a small apartment and it’s so good to have my own space again. I’m in the process of looking for a job. Largely, though, what I know I have to do is keep myself moving forward and not succumb to the fear and inability to function. I’ve already heard from people I know back in the town I was in who will be in my new town this weekend. So the prospect of seeing them and other friends from my ‘previous life’ is a positive factor. I’m actually feeling like I’m in a state of suspended animation, not knowing what life is supposed to be, not sure if I’m pretending to be okay or if I really am. I even met a man yesterday and will be having lunch with him tomorrow. Whose life is this? Very bizarre. Being here and away from the constraints of living with family and being reliant on others has returned a sense of self to me. Thank you again.”"

Coaching Client of Lisa Brick

"“An end to toxic divorce, a teenage daughter presenting non-stop challenges and a business just drifting…..life, as my daughter might say, was looking like a hot mess. When I would think of what a “life coach” was, having never had one, the image I had was a sports coach standing on the sidelines with a clipboard making notes, huddling with the players and having a commanding overview of the game in play. Hardly on the sidelines and without a clipboard in hand, Caren does not stand apart from life and its challenges; she is fully immersed and above all knows how to listen and what to listen for. In the few sessions we had together she could reflect back for me refreshing new points of view unseen by me that have already made a difference in my life and the many challenging relationships I have.”"

Coaching Client of Caren Pofsky

How Can Coaching Help?

Divorce coaching is a partnership specifically designed to help you clarify, believe in and attain your hopes and dreams as you move through the storm of divorce.

Together we create a path to clarity while providing a healthy sounding board with which you can examine your fears and the obstacles in your path and identify your deepest desires.

If you are struggling yet ready to move forward towards feeling empowered; stuck yet wanting to shift to a place where you can create a future you love, then engaging in divorce coaching is right for you.

How Does it Work?

We begin the coaching relationship discussing the goals and aspirations that are most important to you. At first, your emotional survival may be all you can aim for. As time goes on, your new sense of confidence and empowerment will enhance your hopes and dreams.

As the client you are in charge, deciding the focus of each session. Each week we explore a topic of your choosing, looking at your struggles, your ideal outcome and where are you feeling stuck. During the session you develop clarity, unearth the obstacles that are keeping you from moving forward and finally develop new awareness and create action plans to attain your goals.

You are guaranteed to feel more confident and empowered to handle both the issues at hand as well as your overall circumstances with a renewed inner strength.

Working with a divorce coach helps you to become aware of your resistance and begin to embrace your circumstances so that you can move through them and be open to the possibilities that lie on the other side.


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