Our 12 Step Divorce Recovery Series Provides a Proven Path to Emotional Healing


12 Step Flash Recovery Guide

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Are you struggling through the chaos and uncertainty of divorce? 

Now that you are practicing the 12 Steps Divorce Recovery Program, you are beginning to slow your reactions, stay solution oriented, feel your feelings and trust the grieving process and so much more.  

This recovery process will not only help you be more calm and confident throughout your divorce, it will enhance your effectiveness as you partner with your attorney for the best possible settlement.

This Flash Recovery Guide enables you to:
  • Track the steps you have covered and what’s still to come
  • Remind yourself of the steps you want to continue to work on
  • Recall key strategies shared in each step

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"As a result of this program, I am learning about the choices I have available to me. I've been able to make tremendous progress in my relationship with my wife. I no longer react to situations in frustration and anger, but am able to calmly reflect on my options and choose my response that is more aligned with who I am...I’m happier than I've been in years."

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