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Every aspect of  life is impacted during divorce. Hurtful words and threats are  hand grenades thoughtlessly tossed about. Hearts and homes are torn apart. 

It takes one, not two to begin to tone down the hostilities. Discover how to start to BE THE ONE to change the dynamic, preserve precious emotional and financial resources, and emerge from divorce stronger, clearer and more effective.

"Coaching with JBD helped me focus on my real needs through all the emotion. While I usually pride myself on tackling problems, my mind was clouded and I wasn’t able to through this. JBD’s support enabled me to get clear and be really effective. I couldn’t have managed through or emerged so solidly without your support. Thank you!"

Rose P
New York City

"My JBD coach offered tenacity and gentleness. Our focus was on me, my desires, attitudes, and what I could change. Shifting my focus from my spouse to me was scary and empowering. JBD was a rock and inspiration throughout the process."

Diane D.
Atlanta GA

"As a guy we tend to want to 'suck it up' and get over things. I decided to take a different path and credit much of my healing and how fast it happened to the resources and support I received through JBD. I went from focusing on what had been done to me to what I could do for me! I learned to set boundaries, forgive others and myself, and how to endure the waves of regret and guilt. "

Clint P.

"JBD helped me with the process of my separation and divorce giving me the tools I need to move forward and live a life that is focused for the first time on me!"

Joyce M.

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