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Journey Beyond Divorce is an online community with with coaches and mentors providing daily resources, videos, guides, webinars, and calls to support you through your divorce journey.

Over the years, our community has helped thousands of people just like you, relieve the pains of divorce, eradicating the legal and financial headaches, and becoming emotionally and physically stronger.

Whether you are thinking about, just getting started, or in the middle of your divorce, Journey Beyond Divorce can help you.

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You don’t need us to tell you about the sleepless nights, brain fog, terror, self-doubt, guilt, and intense loneliness of divorce. We know. This is why we have created this extraordinary 24/7 divorce support platform for you.

Escape the isolation and gain access to the resources YOU NEED to divorce with the least pain and the greatest gain.

Use the upheaval occurring in your life and mind to survive, grow, and thrive! 

Connect with others in the same boat, who understand how you feel. Be supported to not only navigate this hostile and alienating territory effectively but grow your capacities as a person and parent while you’re at it. 

"From the individual attention offered to the podcasts and informative resources they provide, JBD's comprehensive support is helping me navigate the often times dark waters of divorce."

Eric N.

Who is Our Support Community For?

Whether you are a man or woman

Whether you are in the before, during or after stages of divorce

Whether you want to regain your sanity, keep you legal costs down, protect your children from divorce damage, rebuild your sense of self,  or recreate your life post divorce, the JBD Divorce Support Community is for you.

What Do You Get When You Join?

  • Escape the Divorce Battle
  • Master Handling Complex Changes and Challenges
  • Support your Children’s Psychological Well-Being
  • Learn How To Choose The Best Legal Approach
  • Build an Effective Divorce Support Team
  • Emerge Stronger, More Capable, and Clearer
  • Learn Effective and Efficient Communication Techniques
  • Negotiate the Best Possible Financial Settlement
  • Maximize your Comfort with Dating
  • Set a Foundation for a Solid, Ever-Evolving Future

All while honoring your priorities, developing new skills, and reclaiming and redirecting
your personal power

Start Making Choices that Support You to Emerge From Divorce Better, not Bitter

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"The JBD community showed me that although each marriage and divorce is different many of the emotions and trials we face are the same. I feel less isolated. I'm not alone anymore. "

Larry B.

Connect with Peers

A secure Facebook community visible only to members where you will find empathy, understanding, and a safe space to release your frustrations, fears, and sadness.

Give and receive support and encouragement with peers and benefit from out-of-the box perspectives, and the resources shared by our divorce coaches.

FB LIVE Presentations

Interactive one-hour Talks based on our exclusive 12-Step Divorce Recovery Program designed to support you in understanding, harnessing, and utilizing powerful emotions to your advantage during and after divorce.

Support Group Call-ins

Share your challenges, receive professional coaching, and celebrate your victories on live hour-and-a-half conference calls facilitated by our team of divorce coaches.

"JBD’s Peer Community is a good place to just judgment, no remorse. We encourage, support and uplift each other. I have found friends here. I appreciate having this safe haven."

Kris D.

Grab An Emotional Lifeline

Our unique 12-Step Divorce Recovery Program guarantees to make the agonizing emotional experience of divorce and recovery quicker, more comfortable, and less expensive.  

Be guided through and out of the repetitive and unproductive thoughts, paralyzing emotions, and damaging actions that extend the divorce process and threaten your post-divorce prospects.

  • Heal the hurt of heartbreak
  • Stop fretting the past and worrying the future
  • Be effective in the present
  • Curb the conflict that’s crushing you and your finances
  • Break free from resistance and the friction it creates
  • Reclaim your personal power
  • Regain your confidence
  • Communicate with clarity
  • Grieve well and free yourself from debilitating sadness
  • Develop your ability to trust again, sanely and safely

Need 1 on 1 Support?

Find Out More about Our Lifeline Divorce Coaching Service.

"I’m so glad I found JBD because it’s helped me move out of resentment and anger to a healthier place of introspection and acceptance and the Peer Community enables me to vent to people who understand and get different perspectives. "

Jan L.

Open Your Divorce Roadmap 

Our distinctive Divorce Roadmap provides the wisdom and guidance of experts so you can ask the right questions, understand your choices and make the best decisions.

Navigate the complex logistics of divorce with the necessary information and enhanced confidence to divorce successfully.

  • Legal - Learn the language of divorce while exploring the options available for how to, when to, and who to hire given your particular circumstances.
  • Financial - Understand the financial documents necessary during divorce, the intricacies of alimony and child support, and what goes into the decisions to best harness your marital assets or discharge marital debt.
  • Co-Parenting - Become knowledgeable about the challenges and solutions around custody and co-parenting under both typical and atypical conditions.
  • During and Post Divorce Health & Wellbeing - Discover practical steps towards moving on and into a life you enjoy at home, in the workplace, and out in the social world.

"I started listening to the Roadmap audio programs. They are a lifesaver, providing me with invaluable information and advice. This tool chest of information will greatly influence how my divorce unfolds and improve the outcome. So glad it exists! "

Vic S.

Do more than survive divorce,
be supported to live more positively now and in the future
...learn to thrive

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