5 Weekly Payments of $200

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Divorce 101: A Strategic Blueprint for High Conflict Divorce

One-Time ONLY Beta Investment

Begins June 10, 2024

Value: $6,127


  • 5 - 10 Weekly Training Videos: Concise effective lessons tailored to fit into your schedule, so you can learn at your own pace and ease without struggling with overwhelm. [Value $2097] 
  • An Interactive Divorce Planning Journal with Weekly Assignments to practice new thought behaviors, strategies and skills, so that you enhance your confidence and readiness for each stage of the divorce process. [Value $697]
  • A Private Community Forum where you can post questions, comments and celebrations, so that your isolation melts away with new connections and your confidence in being fully supported soars! [Value $497]
  • Accountability Buddy System that provides you with a peer-buddy, ensuring ongoing connection, accountability and motivation, so that you feel encouraged, supported and in community! [Value $97]

    • 1:1 Private Kickoff Call - so you begin with a personal call WITH ME to set clear goals and focus areas for your 8-week journey, ensuring you have a tailored plan that addresses your unique needs. [Value $500]
    • Weekly Group Calls and 'Hot Seat' Coaching  So each week you have access to  coach with ME in a group setting, where you can address your unique challenges, develop your strategy and build confidence with the support of peers. [Value $997]
    • Resilience Training Program  to strengthen your resilience with fast, powerful emotional regulation drills and practices, that enable you to face challenges with grace and stability. [Value $247]
    • Divorce Mastery Bundle which provides comprehensive scripts, check lists, and visual roadmaps, ensuring you’re equipped with quick references to guide you and bolster your confidence every step of the way. [Value $197]
    • Exclusive Expert Advice Vault (FAST ACTION Bonus) which provides access to nationally esteemed legal, financial, emotional and parenting experts including Bill Eddy guiding you on their best tips and strategies…, gives you a strategic edge!" Sells for [Value $797]
GUARANTEE (we will have a contract with this that outlines their need to attend every session, complete every training, do all the Journal prompts to qualify)

With our Strategic Confidence Guarantee, you’ll gain clarity or it’s your money back. If you’ve attended all sessions and applied the tactics but still don’t feel that strategic confidence, we’ll refund your fee in full.

What People Are Saying:

The program had a profound impact on me staying conscious during the ups and downs of the divorce journey (what I call it white water class 5 rapids ), to stay focused on what matters the most, ignore the flake, and be a stronger and more powerful participant in the whole process. I would recommend this program to anyone who seriously wants to be self-aware, self-conscious, and resilient in the face of a difficult situation such as severing a long term partnership that is the most profoundly deep connection with other human beings that you can ever have.

- Stardust -

I was searching for any piece of information that could either A) give me more knowledge about the divorce process itself. Or B) could talk me down emotionally. I found that Journey Beyond Divorce was really instrumental in providing both things. It doesn’t end with watching the trainings. There’s actually group support, action steps, scripts, lists and 'mantras'. Not only can I go back and revisit what was taught, but I can also see the game plan laid out in front of me, with an experienced guide's encouragement and perspective.

- Eddy -

JBD excels at looking at a problem with you and strategizing ways to manage it. More than once, Iwas able to craft a concrete strategy to handle some very difficult —seemingly impossible- situations. We would work on a plan of action that felt doable. It helped make a positive difference in my self-confidence and my personal growth. I always emerged with new ideas and an action plan to move closer to where I wanted to be.

- Jennifer -