Reclaim Your Mind: Evict Your Spouse from Your Mental Space

If you’ve lost yourself after years of being put down, shut up, talked over, or iced out, it’s no wonder you feel uncertain, insecure, and incapable. Your spouse has taken up 'squatting rights' in your mind, and it's time to evict them and reclaim your mind!!

Release yourself from chaos and confusion and revel in the freedom of trusting yourself, enjoying the clarity and confidence you have been yearning for!  

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  • 10 Training Modules (Valued at $347) 
  • Daily Step by Step How-To Worksheet with Action Plan (Valued at $197)
  • Daily access to host, Karen McMahon in our Exclusive "Forum" Community.  Ask questions and get coached!  
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  • Module I: Prepare for the Eviction! 
    > Understand how and why you got lost.
    > Practice the skill of  awareness.
    > Assess the impact of your lost perspective.
    > Catalog the emotional toll.

  • Module II: Begin the Eviction Process!
    > Explore the 7 Mental Distortions that led to the relinquishment of your mind. 
    > Unearth the root of each distortion.
    > Engage in powerful mental shifts.
    > Practice the art of self compassion. 

  • Module III: Move In Day!
    > Redecorate and Reclaim your mind!
    > Define your core values
    > Examine your self love vs. self criticism.
    > Determine and organize your priorities. 

Each Session provides specific actionable steps to understanding how you got here and exactly what you need to do to find your way back home to your unique and beautiful self!

What People Are Saying:

I wish I could watch these videos everyday. These sessions are so helpful in breaking through the fear of upsetting someone who has constantly upset you, taking your power back and finally focusing on yourself and your needs!


I've learned so much from this course! It's given me so much comfort and confidence!


$47.00 USD