Divorce-land is like a foreign country with a treacherous terrain. While in this land you will make a multitude of decisions that will impact your life in the present and for the future.

Your Roadmap Through Divorce provides guidance and direction from trusted experts in all areas of divorce and post divorce life.

Navigating Divorce: In The Beginning

(6 Lessons) Dive into lessons on whether to stay or go, understanding the divorce landscape, coping with infidelity and more...

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Legal Guidance: Your Legal Options

(4 Lessons) Learn from divorce attorneys who explain your legal options and which approach might be best for you!

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Finance and Divorce: What You Need to Know

(3 Lessons) Financial experts discuss how to prepare for and negotiate a solid financial settlement and budget post divorce.

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Children and Divorce: Protecting the Innocent

(7 lessons) Putting your children first as experts guide you through negotiating custody, special needs kids, a parenting app, parental alienation, and more...

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Home and Divorce: Navigating Change

(3 Lessons) Navigate change at home wisely with lessons on whether to stay or sell, rent or buy, and how to clear clutter and decorate for your new family structure.

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Dating and Divorce: New Chapters

(2 Lessons) Separate programs for men and women on the first steps to reinvent yourself and enter the online dating world with confidence and enthusiasm.

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