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We invite you to open your mind and heart to the concepts, tools and perspectives put forth in this program. 

No matter what stage of divorce you are in, each step offers valuable wisdom to navigate your divorce in a clear, present and responsive manner while transforming yourself and your life.

Divorce is an opportunity to transform yourself and the way in which you show up in every relationship and circumstance. Learning how to witness and take responsibility for your behavior, to grieve well, and let go of judgment allows you to see the world with curiosity. This curiosity opens up new possibilities in your life, possibilities that were impossible before.

This program addresses the emotional challenges and obstacles along your journey beyond divorce.

Our step-by-step approach will take you from the dark early stages of devastation and emotional upset into the light of a new life with unlimited potential.


You are encouraged to keep the focus on YOU, and the opportunity that divorce offers for reflection, re-evaluation, and revitalization. In doing so, you will be setting an intention that will provide invaluable gifts of personal growth as you move through your divorce into the next phase of your life.

Each step will offer perspectives and tools to support you along. Much like traveling to an exotic destination, this program is an emotional travel guide pointing out areas of special interest, landmarks to keep you tracking true and dangerous routes to avoid.


The 12 Step Divorce Recovery Program is a distillation of the work we do with our private and group clients so they are able to turn their pain to gain and embrace the turbulent time of divorce as an opportunity for personal transformation.

The Power of Emotions


Throughout this program we will be referring to your ‘energy level'.  Our emotions are energy-in-motion.


When we experience emotions such as fear, hopelessness, shame, and anxiety our energy is at the very lowest vibratory level. Anger and frustration, while still low vibration, are a level up. When enduring, these lowest vibratory levels of energy leave us lethargic and fatigued. The impact they have on our bodies and minds is life and health depleting. 


Likewise, when we are excited, passionate, creative and joyful, we feel light. 


These are the highest vibratory levels of emotion. The impact they have on our bodies is life and health enhancing. The higher our energy level the less likely difficult events will catapult us into upset. The lower our energy level, the easier it is to be derailed by such events.


Our goal is to coach you through the depleting emotions that are a real and unavoidable aspect of divorce towards a healthier perspective on who you are and what you have the capacity to create moving forward.

As you become self-supporting you will experience greater productivity and enjoy calm, clarity, and creativity to support you to navigate divorce and life now and in the future.

Journey Beyond Divorce is a team of Certified Life Coaches specializing in Relationship and Divorce Coaching. 

Our team helps you to navigate the shifting world that you currently inhabit and utilize your struggles as stepping-stones that lead to inner strength, clarity, and confidence.


We guide you in how to embrace life as an adventure and help you manifest an ideal you and a life you love.

By engaging you in the belief that this season of struggle offers transformative personal growth, we help put you on a new track of loving yourself and creating a deeply satisfying life.

Divorce provides a perfect opportunity to begin identifying and practicing new ways of thinking, being, and doing.

The 12 Step Program has been an invaluable and a life changing program for me!. I wish I would have known about it sooner than six months after separation! The program has taught and guided me to go through the divorce process with grace, dignity, self-growth, and self-discovery. Having the support of the JBD community and the monthly calls are just an added bonus to the 12 Steps!

I would not be where I am now without the Program and I am looking forward to continue to use what I have learned and am learning to become the person I am meant to be.

- Cheryl B


Our step-by-step approach will take you from the early stages of devastation and emotional upset into the light of a new life with unlimited possibility.


Curb the Conflict: Conflict is inevitable during the disassembling and reassembling of your life. Learn how and when to stop and step back before re-engaging. Less conflict equals less emotional and financial damage and a shorter and sweeter post divorce recovery.


Heal the Hurt:  Focus on embracing discomfort instead of fighting, numbing, ignoring, or getting angry. Becoming aware of how and where upset shows up in your body enables you to use simple, accessible techniques to stop hemorrhaging energy and start putting it to use proactively.


Calm the Chaos:  Begin observing yourself, the interpretations, assumptions, and limiting beliefs that keep you locked into repetitious and painful patterns of being and doing. This step supports you in recognizing the power you already hold so you can begin to wield it intentionally.


Seek Solutions: Shifting your focus from what’s wrong to what’s wanted and strategizing how to move towards it is a life changer. Looking for approaches that will get you beyond the unwanted is a necessary step in moving towards what’s next.


Grow Through Grief:  Being with loss, allowing yourself to lean into the powerful feelings ricocheting within you, is a necessary part of the grieving process. Letting go of the judgement around how you feel, meeting yourself in this vulnerable time of loss with self-love and compassion, is a vital part of recovery.


Escape the Battle:  Make the connection between unforgiveness, judgment and the pain you are experiencing. The greater your judgment and unforgiveness, the deeper your pain. Letting go of judgement opens you up to curiosity. Curiosity is the key to stepping into possibilities for new learning, growth and healing.


Rekindle Confidence: Your story about the unravelling of your marriage is only one perspective and not necessarily Truth.  Accepting this allows you to begin recasting yourself in a different and more confident role now and into the future.


Practice Presence:  Fretting the past or worrying the future intensifies the inevitable pain of divorce. It is in this present moment, now, where you are powerful to choose and take considered and strategic actions to navigate wisely through and beyond divorce.


Overcome Pain: Embark on the journey of acceptance. It is normal to feel hurt, anger, blame and resentment while going through divorce. By accepting your broken marriage, your spouse’s way of being, the changing landscape of your family, social circle and financial profile, you have more energy to find your footing and engage in new beginnings.


Accelerate Trust: Understand the value of tuning inward to access one of the greatest resources you have - your inner intuitive guidance and wisdom. Discover steps for cultivating your intuition so that it becomes a super power that you can learn to hear and rely upon.


Embrace the Unpredictable:  Be challenged to utilize all you have learned in the previous ten steps to design and move towards your ideal post divorce life now. Put it all together to create a more encompassing perspective and begin to experience life as an unpredictable adventure that you have the power to influence profoundly.


Live Purposefully: This final and most exciting step explores the unlimited possibility life offers when you create each step of your journey intentionally utilizing your gifts, talents, skills, and passions. With each effort, surrender the outcome and have faith that whatever it is, is the perfect and only next step for you.



  • CURRICULUM GUIDE. Begin your recovery one step at a time. Each step invites you to new levels of self awareness and new practices.  As your 'inner' world changes so too will your day to day experiences.  

  • 12 STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO, AUDIO and WRITTEN LESSONS + ASSESSMENTS. Easy to follow resources to help you through your journey. 

  • 12-MONTH ACCESS. Come back whenever you need to over the next year. 

  • MONTHLY 90 MINUTE PRIVATE GROUP COACHING CALLS. Get exclusive access to JBD Coaches once a month. 
  • A PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY of men and women on the same journey. Receive support from JBD Coaches. Share challenges, ask questions and celebrate each other.














"JBD is a rare treasure and is so understanding about the whole divorce process. My coach got right to the heart of the matter; in what most therapists would take months to do, she did in one session. You leave with a sense of accomplishment and a better understanding of where you want to go."
- Zina B. (NYC)
"My JBD coach offered tenacity and gentleness. Our focus was on me, my desires, attitudes, and what I could change. Shifting my focus from my spouse to me was scary and empowering. JBD was a rock and inspiration throughout the process." 
Dorothy D
"I am so blessed and thrilled that I found you. Thank you for your amazing gift of listening and all the wonderful notes and insights. I promise I'll have everything read by our next meeting haha. This is exactly what I needed, I'm so excited and hopeful for the first time in a very long time. Literally tearing up writing this email. 
Thank you so much for your time and insight."
- Lori B
"JBDs team are professionals. Extremely knowledgeable and truly care for those in need. I highly recommend Karen to anyone going through a divorce."
Susan F
"I can't say enough positive things about Karen and the JBD team and resources. Great articles and podcasts for reflecting on key topics, and the coaching was efficient, effective, and on point. I am thankful I found them and highly recommend them."
Molly M
"Lisa has been so wonderful. I told her how beneficial your recent narcissist podcasts have been for me. I have to stop, go back, and re-listen to certain parts because of the truth and accuracy within them, and the concrete strategies you share for meeting those challenges. 
 You are helping so many people in so many ways with this content. I devour podcasts, blogs, and anything I can find – – and I have to say, Karen, yours is really the best content out there. I love when you share examples and stories because they bring the content to life. Many of us think we have been living in a private hell only known to us, and you show us that’s not true. Your personal story shows that you can emerge stronger, better, and wiser. Yet, there are still traps, and our work—the journey—is never over, especially when we have to keep these unhealthy people in our lives as co parents."
- Jennifer N
After 23 years of marriage and raising three beautiful children, I found myself to be in a place I never thought I would be – Divorce.  I was Angry, distraught, confused and sad and needed to be grounded on how to deal with it.  I started downloading Podcasts on how to manage this difficult time and ran across a Podcast with Lisa Brick. I found the podcast to be informative and a breath of fresh air that the emotions I had been feeling where normal and would only be the beginning of a LONG process to come as to the unwinding of the marriage.  I have always been one to accept help and guidance from others and elected to seek individual counseling over the phone with Lisa.
I scheduled my first call and was extremely impressed in our knowledge and understanding of the emotions I was feeling. For the first time, it started to make sense and I began to realize that the roller-coaster would continue on. I needed guidance to help me assess and stay grounded through this process.  Lisa and I began with a call every other week and have continued on now for the last 13 months.  Lisa has been instrumental in assisting me on these calls and has been there for me at any time day or night to help me with the issues.  After 13 months and with Lisa’s guidance, I have not only accepted the divorce, but I have started to redefine me and my goals.
I can’t Thank Lisa and Journey beyond Divorce enough and do not know how I would have/could have got through the most difficult time in my life without them by my side!

They have truly provided me with a solid foundation for which to build a new understanding and perspective on life.

- Joe F

We can't wait to see you inside.