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Our divorce support services are focused on combating the three most difficult aspects of divorce: isolation, emotional overwhelm and legal and financial logistics with a three pronged solution.

A members only community of peers that understand and relate to your situation to defeat isolation.

A complete series on processing the myriad of emotions that divorce generates with actionable steps so that you can emerge a renewed and confident person.

A divorce roadmap that features industry-leading experts:  financial planners, divorce lawyers and life coaches so that you can navigate the legal and financial aspects of divorce with ease.

A private and empathetic group of peers that relate to your situation and challenges. Join the conversation

Access the emotional support you need when you need it through our exclusive 12 Step Divorce Recovery Program.

Your GPS for navigating the rocky terrain of divorce from inception to creating your new life post divorce.

Divorce Survival Kit - Free Guide

Transform the upheaval and suffering of divorce into insights and lessons that enrich the next phase of your life with these 5 essential strategies.

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Stepping Out of Chaos

Stepping Out of Chaos is a short, empowering book that introduces you to three essential practices that radically improve your ability to navigate the real and impactful challenges associated with divorce with greater ease and efficacy. Join the thousands of individuals who are experiencing profound personal growth and freedom navigating the minefield of divorce.

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Lifeline Coaching Session

Emerge Powerfully!

  • Direct your attention and energy where you are most likely to reap rewards
  • Let go of automatic reactions, chaos and suffering
  • Become increasingly more self-aware, confident, self expressed and peaceful

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