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Are you standing at the precipice of divorce, emotionally and mentally depleted?

Are you terrified about what your future holds, overwhelmed by all you need to learn and decide? Paralyzed by the thought of traumatizing your children through the divorce process? 

You’ve already struggled for years in your marriage and now to enter a long hard legal battle makes your head want to explode. 

What happens next - your spouse reacts with fury and/or devastation, depicting nightmare outcomes and dictating the rules of what must happen, how and when and of course how you have just screwed up your life, ruined the children, etc.   

You may believe their words, as if they know any more than you about what actually will happen.  Believing them will send you into your own tail spin and create more chaos and conflict.

While you know you need to leave, their reaction along with your lack of experience in High Conflict Divorce has you feeling like you’re  being tossed overboard into an Emotionally Stormy Sea without a life jacket, compass or any sight of solid ground.

The Roadmap you need to prepare for and navigate the emotional, financial, legal and parenting aspects of high conflict divorce with our 8-week comprehensive training and group coaching program. 


Should you choose to accept it - is to develop control over your reactions, confidence in your choices, and begin making changes in your living arrangement and parenting time while learning the skills needed to navigate divorce and gather essential financial documentation. 


Feeling safe, encouraged and guided through each step of the process bolstered by effective strategies and tangible action steps. 

Responding calmly as you navigate the same disagreements regulating your nervous system and staying focused on your priorities.

Thinking clearly as you choose a legal path, hire an attorney and begin collecting your financial documents.

Presenting confidently as you engage in negotiations, communicate your decisions and plan your next steps.


You sleep soundly, connect deeply with your kids, approach each interaction with thoughtfulness, intention, and strategic finesse, all while maintaining an unprecedented level of calm and control.



Develop Immunity to Psychological Manipulation

Exert Positive Power in Your Head, Heart & Home

Be in Effective Action

my kids were 4 & 6 and I was a shell of myself, filled with self doubt, afraid of his rage and catastrophic reactions and terrified of harming my kids and managing working full time while being a single parent.  I could feel my bones shaking in my body knowing he would be furious every time I told him a new decision I made such as....

“I’ve decided to get a divorce”. “I am opening my own bank account”. “I’m taking the kids away for the weekend”. “I want to talk about splitting our time with the kids while we are living under the same roof”.

The more support I got and the more people I let in to see what was really happening behind the closed doors of my home, helped me to see why my friends and family were so concerned for me.  Our marriage WAS hugely dysfunctional, it was toxic. I had just gotten so used to it, I lost all perspective.

It wasn’t just my husband either, I was a hot mess; reactive, codependent, boundary oblivious, a poor communicator, fixated on my perspectives and while physically present, it was hard to be emotionally present for my kids.

I saw a therapist, attended a 12 step program and began building new healthy behaviors and  friendships.  I slowly emerged from the fog of self doubt and fear and could walk away from the conflict and make the complex decisions before me.  

My divorce lasted 3 ½ years. If I moved out, he legally could keep the kids so I stayed the entire time!  I moved to the attic so there were two locked doors between us  to protect myself from his devastation and rage. I bought the kids walkie talkies to try to make it a fun and adventurous experience for them, informed their teachers and school counselors and got them in therapy.

My divorce was final in 2006 and I could finally move out and begin the next chapter of my life.  

Fast forward 18 years.

I’ve supported thousands of men and women through my podcast, engaged in thousands of hours of divorce coaching and strategy sessions, have helped attorneys understand my clients needs and clients understand the reasoning behind their attorneys strategies.  I have been invited to settlement conferences, and helped negotiate final settlement agreements as part of a team of lawyers, financial experts and clients.  

I have built and supported an amazing team of 6 coaches in coaching men and women across the English speaking world to divorce with greater calm, clarity and confidence.  

With over 300 podcast episodes where I interview lawyers, psychologists, financial experts, child specialists, trauma experts, parenting coaches, and so many others, I understand every aspect of high conflict divorce and can help you get the answers you need and craft your ideal professional support team.

Divorce 101 is my way of sharing a decade and a half of knowledge, wisdom and experience so that your journey is as streamlined and successful as possible.

- Rose P. NYC - 

Coaching with JBD helped me focus on my real needs through all the emotion.  While I usually pride myself on tackling problems, my mind was clouded and I was unable to do it on my own through this.  JBD’s support enabled me to get clear and be really effective.  I couldn’t have managed through or emerged so solidly without your support. 

Take back your confidence, your power and your life!!

  • Prepare for the first phase of divorce and learn the art of being present for every stage that follows so you set the best course for an fair settlement.
  • A bird’s eye view of the divorce landscape shows you the journey ahead, guiding you to gather necessary documents, hire key professionals and develop effective strategies.
  • Learn to regulate your emotions so you can better manage the complex changes happening in your home such as living arrangements, finances, and parenting time.
  • Practice proven strategies for effective communication with a difficult spouse refining your ability to set boundaries and decide when to engage and when to walk away.

Divorce 101 shares principles and skills that allow you to create a powerful new life:

➡️ Emotional Resilience

The ability to anticipate, avoid, and observe without losing your balance. No longer feel blindsided by your spouse’s absolutely predictable actions.

➡️ Practical Wisdom

An understanding of the legal and financial intricacies of divorce and how to use the law and negotiations to your advantage. Knowledge used practically is power.  

➡️ Parental Guidance

The skills to navigate the sensitive terrain of shared parenting with strategies that prioritize your children's well-being and awareness to accept your ex for who they are, not who you want them to be.

➡️ Strategic Planning

The knowledge of how to develop comprehensive action plans for managing living arrangements, legal approaches, finances and future security. 

- Monique -

JBD’s program helped me make sense of what was happening on multiple fronts simultaneously—emotional, strategic, practical, and spiritual.  Karen provided excellent guidance around parenting my daughter through this transition.  Most importantly, she helped me find purpose in this pain.  She helped me see myself more clearly—including the hard truths about myself and my situation—with kindness, compassion, and understanding. 
⏩ Module 1: Preparing for Your Divorce Journey

8-Week Course Roadmap  -   Realistic Expectations For The Divorce Process  -  The Child's Journey In A Conflict-Ridden Home  -  Announcing The Divorce Decision: Strategic Steps And The Emotional Toll  -  Safeguarding Your Journey: Emotional Resilience And Boundaries

⏩ Module 2: Initial Steps and Mental Shifts In Navigating Divorce

A Comprehensive View Of Divorce  -  Begin with Focus: Immediate Next Steps  -  Changing The Dynamic With Your High-Conflict Spouse  -  Coexisting Under One Roof After Disclosure  -   Creating A Temporary Shared Parenting Plan 

⏩ Integration Week 1

Nervous System Regulation -LIVE Q & A And Introduction To Regulating Practices  - Weekly Group Call  - Catch Up  -  Drill Down  -

⏩ Module 3: Prioritizing Your Children During Divorce
Protecting The Kids: The Child's Bill Of Rights  -  Navigating the Conversation With Your Kids  -   Crafting Custody And Shared Parenting Plans  - Addressing Adult Children's Unique Needs  - Practicing Mindful Presence  -    Guiding Your Children Through Turbulent Times
⏩ Module 4: The Legal Expedition
Exploring The Best Legal Approach  -  Breaking Down Complex Decision-Making  -  The Attorney Hiring Process  -  Mastering the Art Of Negotiation  -  Harnessing Ancillary Experts For Support

⏩ Integration Week 2

Catch Up  -  Drill Down  -  Weekly Group Call

⏩ Module 5: Financial Clarity and Empowerment
High-Conflict Divorce and Finances  -  Crafting Your Net Worth Statement  -  Document Retrieval Strategies  -  Leveraging Financial Advisors, Forensics And More  - 
Budgeting And Cultivating A Healthy Money Mindset

⏩ Module 6: Bringing It All Together
Building Your All-Star Personal Support Team  -  Establishing  Your Legal & Financial Support  -  The Fact-Based Communication Style  - Telling Others About Your Divorce  -  Launching Your Strategic Divorce Action Plan 


a new module, from crafting your exit strategy to reshaping family dynamics. Sessions cover courses in basic divorce education, financial foresight, and emotional intelligence, complemented by:

Group Coaching

Connection and Coaching.  Meet weekly with others navigating a similar turbulent journey, sharing empath and encouragement. Get coached into clarity, guided through obstacles and questions answered by Karen McMahon, seasoned High Conflict Divorce Strategist. 

Daily Video Trainings

Transform your skills and knowledge and boost your success with daily video training. Delivered straight to the program, these bite-sized actionable insights to guide you through each day.

Resource Toolkit

Amplify your experience with our comprehensive Divorce Planning Guide and resources designed to seamlessly apply newfound knowledge. Elevate your skills through practical exercises and tools that empower you to immediately implement and reinforce what you've learned for lasting results.

Somatic Trauma Drills

Access to daily mini sessions designed to change behavior, re-pattern trauma, and boost performance across all aspects of your life including emotional balance, stress reduction, and improved cognitive function. 

Your dysregulated nervous system is actually holding you back. We are including membership to The Rewire that will enable you to become the expert of your own nervous system.

The Rewire is an online community that expands CAPACITY in your nervous system and improves brain function for behavior change, trauma resolution, increased energy, presence, peace, connection, and performance using evidence-based, neuro-somatic tools.

- Jennifer -

JBD excels at looking at a problem with you and strategizing ways to manage it. More than once, Iwas able to craft a concrete strategy to handle some very difficult —seemingly impossible- situations. We would work on a plan of action that felt doable. It helped make a positive difference in my self-confidence and my personal growth. I always emerged with new ideas and an action plan to move closer to where I wanted to be.

Your Mission -- should you choose to accept it -- is to develop control over your reactions, confidence in your choices, and begin making changes in your living arrangement and parenting time while learning the basics of divorce and gathering essential financial documentation.

Imagine entering your divorce immersed in emotional support and validation. You feel a new confidence in your understanding of the legal process, and in your effort to proactively gather essential financial documents. You can sense an inner shift as you don’t attend every fight you are invited to and you’re catching yourself when you slip into long standing triggered reactions.  You even sense a glimmer of hope, encouraged about feeling more capable of handling the complex divorce process than you ever imagined.

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  • 5 - 10 Weekly Training Videos: Concise effective lessons tailored to fit into your schedule, so you can learn at your own pace and ease without struggling with overwhelm. [Value $2097] 
  • An Interactive Divorce Planning Journal with Weekly Assignments to practice new thought behaviors, strategies and skills, so that you enhance your confidence and readiness for each stage of the divorce process. [Value $697]
  • A Private Community Forum where you can post questions, comments and celebrations, so that your isolation melts away with new connections and your confidence in being fully supported soars! [Value $497]
  • Accountability Buddy System that provides you with a peer-buddy, ensuring ongoing connection, accountability and motivation, so that you feel encouraged, supported and in community! [Value $97]
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Payment Option


  • 1:1 Private Kickoff Call - so you begin with a personal call WITH ME to set clear goals and focus areas for your 8-week journey, ensuring you have a tailored plan that addresses your unique needs. [Value $500]
  • Weekly Group Calls and 'Hot Seat' Coaching  So each week you have access to  coach with ME in a group setting, where you can address your unique challenges, develop your strategy and build confidence with the support of peers. [Value $997]
  • Resilience Training Program  to strengthen your resilience with fast, powerful emotional regulation drills and practices, that enable you to face challenges with grace and stability. [Value $247]
  • Divorce Mastery Bundle which provides comprehensive scripts, check lists, and visual roadmaps, ensuring you’re equipped with quick references to guide you and bolster your confidence every step of the way. [Value $197]
  • Exclusive Expert Advice Vault (FAST ACTION Bonus) which provides access to nationally esteemed legal, financial, emotional and parenting experts including Bill Eddy guiding you on their best tips and strategies…, gives you a strategic edge!" Sells for [Value $797]
GUARANTEE (we will have a contract with this that outlines their need to attend every session, complete every training, do all the Journal prompts to qualify)

With our Strategic Confidence Guarantee, you’ll gain clarity or it’s your money back. If you’ve attended all sessions and applied the tactics but still don’t feel that strategic confidence, we’ll refund your fee in full.


- Stardust -

The program had a profound impact on me staying conscious during the ups and downs of the divorce journey (what I call it white water class 5 rapids ), to stay focused on what matters the most, ignore the flake, and be a stronger and more powerful participant in the whole process.
I would recommend this program to anyone who seriously wants to be self-aware, self-conscious, and resilient in the face of a difficult situation such as severing a long term partnership that is the most profoundly deep connection with other human beings that you can ever have.

Triumph Through Your Divorce!

Be The Voice of Calm, Clarity and Confidence! 


- Eddy -

I was searching for any piece of information that could either A) give me more knowledge about the divorce process itself. Or B) could talk me down emotionally. I found that Journey Beyond Divorce was really instrumental in providing both things. It doesn’t end with watching the trainings. There’s actually group support, action steps, scripts, lists and 'mantras'. Not only can I go back and revisit what was taught, but I can also see the game plan laid out in front of me, with an experienced guide's encouragement and perspective.
Our MISSION is to powerfully and compassionately support you in navigating the emotional and logistical turbulence of high conflict marriage and divorce. Inviting you into the belief that this season of pain and struggle, while incredibly difficult, offers a path to immense freedom through transformational personal growth into a rewarding post-divorce life. We hold that divorce provides a perfect opportunity to begin identifying and practicing new ways of thinking, being, and doing that will benefit you and your children now and in the future