Grab some paper and a pen for the exercise.

Bring to mind an area in your life where you are going through difficult life changes. It could be a current situation, or one that is from your past. It’s the first one that popped into your head. Go with that. 

Read through the questions, giving yourself plenty of time to respond to each.

  1. What changes have you been going through recently?
  2. Which stage of the transition are you currently in? Ending, Neutral Zone, or New Beginning?
  3. What’s the biggest challenge you are dealing with as you are going through your transition?
  4. What is the transformation you are seeking? Or said another way, What is it you’d rather be experiencing that this?

As a way of completing this process, we’re going to take 4 intentional breaths with all of it.

For each breath, breath in deeply through your nose and hold it for a few seconds, while thinking of each quality, then release gently through the mouth…

The first breath is acknowledging that this is all here and it’s happening. As you breathe that breath of acknowledgment, allow your body to just relax into the awareness that’s here for you now… 

Then take a breath of acceptance and letting go of needing to have this be any different for right now. Just for right now…

Then take a deep breath of appreciation for all the ways this has helped you and served you so powerfully. Maybe it still is. Maybe it’s not. 

Then take a deep breath of allowing this energy to become what it wants to become. We’ll explore that with the following questions:

What wants to happen? What is the potential that is emerging?

Who is this asking you to be? What qualities are being asked of you? 

What’s your next step? Take a deep breath and listen to the step that comes to you.

As you’re with all of this, bring it to completion and write a few notes on your paper.