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Divorce Recovery Program
Divorce Recovery Program

Our Mission

Why We Do This

We want to support you in navigating the turbulence of separation and divorce.

We guide you in how to embrace life as an adventure and help you manifest an ideal you and a life you love.

By engaging you in the belief that this season of struggle offers trans-formative personal growth, we help put you on a new track of loving yourself and creating a life you love.

Divorce provides a perfect opportunity to begin identifying and practicing new ways of thinking, being, and doing.

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Coaching with JBD helped me focus on my real needs through all the emotion.  While I usually pride myself on tackling problems, my mind was clouded and I wasn’t able to through this.  JBD’s support enabled me to get clear and be really effective. I couldn’t have managed through or emerged so solidly without your support. Thank you!

- Rose P. NYC


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Karen McMahon

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Lisa Brick

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Diane Dempster

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Carrie Doubts

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Rachel Goldman 

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KP Towers

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Tammy Oswald 

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Who We Are

Journey Beyond Divorce is a team of Certified Life Coaches specializing in Relationship and Divorce Coaching. 

Our team of coaches helps you to navigate the shifting world that you currently inhabit, and utilize your struggles as stepping-stones that lead to inner strength, clarity, and confidence.

From this place you begin to uncover your true self and develop the capabilities to manifest your true desires.

  • We support you to calm this emotional storm and learn how to navigate through the storm.
  • You become a stronger, more effective, happier human being with enhanced personal skills. When storms come your way in the future,
  • You find the eye of storm and stay centered, rather than being blown away and off your chosen course.
  • You become the master and creator of your new life experience.
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