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At Journey Beyond Divorce we’ve specialized in High Conflict Divorce for over a decade. We are the coaches that support you through the chaos and conflict of your current relationship to becoming calm, confident, and capable.

You’re struggling in a relationship that may have started out ‘magical’ and now feels miserable. 

You wonder what happened to the person you fell in love with. You also feel like a lesser version of yourself…less secure, less engaged, less joyful, maybe even less hopeful. 

A toxic relationship is one in which you feel consistently worse rather than better interacting with your spouse. It’s recognizing that when you and your spouse interact, your well-being is undermined either in subtle or overt ways. 

Any one of us can feel negative and less confident in ourselves in any relationship heading off the how can you differentiate an unraveling relationship between two people poorly suited to each other and a truly toxic relationship? How do you know if you should get a divorce or if you can save your marriage? 

The 10 Toxic Tells Assessment provides immediate clarity about the toxicity of your relationship. Once you know, you can't unknown. Take the assessment on the next page and get crystal clear about the level of toxicity in your relationship. 

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