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Divorce and the Family Business: The Importance of a Business Valuation and Forensic Evaluation

One of the most important steps in navigating a divorce that involves a family business is analyzing the value of the business - this requires a Business Valuation expert. Once their job is complete, if there is any concern around ‘hidden money’, a Forensic Evaluator would be hired to do a deeper dive into the company’s books to unearth where the money has been going and determine if any nefarious activity has been involved.

With me today to explain and guide us is Ilan Hirschfeld. Ilan is Partner-in-charge of Marcum LLP’s, NJ Advisory Services Group.  Ilan is a frequent Lecturer on Divorce and a Court Appointed expert in matrimonial matters. I expect today to feel a bit like sipping from a fire hose, so get your pen and paper out and let’s get started!

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Article on Business Valuations, by Ilan Hirschfeld

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