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All Things Parenting: The 3 A's to Conscious CoParenting with Mikki Gardner

I am so excited to chat with today’s guest about her 3 A’s to Conscious CoParenting.  How you VIEW your child and their behavior, your ability to self regulate amidst the storm and the skill of presence and responsiveness as you address your child’s behavior is a brilliantly powerful way to parent…yet by no means easy.

Today’s Guest, Mikki Gardner, walks us through the 3 A’s, the importance of each step and the immensely valuable impact this practice has on your daily life as a parent and your relationship with your child. 

Mikki Gardner is a Certified Life + Conscious Parenting Coach, and the host of the Co-Parenting With Confidence Podcast. Driven by her own struggles of overcoming divorce, Mikki helps moms move past the divorce drama and conflict to become calm, confident co-parents, even without their ex's participation.

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