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Special Guest: Breaking the Barriers of Parental Alienation - Strategies for Recognizing Signs and Restoring Connections with Charlie McCready

Parental alienation is a deeply complex and emotionally charged issue, where one parent, influences the child to reject or fear the other parent. This process distresses the alienated parent, who experiences profound loss and heartache. It also inflicts psychological harm on the child. The child, caught in the crossfire of adult conflicts, might develop issues with trust, guilt, and self-esteem, often carrying these emotional scars into adulthood. The alienated parent grapples with feelings of helplessness, grief, and frustration, sometimes leading to severe emotional and mental health challenges. In severe cases, this form of emotional abuse can create long-lasting rifts, affecting the child's ability to form healthy relationships in the future.

It's crucial for the alienated parent to adopt a long-term perspective focused on healing and self-care. Healing oneself is not just a pathway to potentially rebuilding the relationship with the child; it's essential for leading a fulfilling life, irrespective of the outcome. This approach underscores the importance of patience, self-compassion, resilience and the relentless pursuit of personal growth and emotional balance.

With us today is Charlie McCready, who has himself been an alienated parent for over 20 years.  Charlie has taken his pain and his experienced to fuel his passion to support other parents to navigate this emotional storm with more hope, grace and perseverence by providing invaluable insights and effective strategies.  Charlie has a comprehensive 9 step program to navigate the challenges of PA and rebuild relationships with your children. 

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