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Divorce Roadmap: The Court Approach to Divorce

Most people considering divorce assume that they have to ‘litigate’ in order to legally divorce. Today's episode explains what the court approach is and what it is not. Just because you divorce through the court system doesn't mean you will ever go to trial and litigate your divorce. There is also a lot of criticism around divorce court and attorneys that operate withint the court approach, "litigating attorneys".

So why choose the court approach? When is it appropriate and when might a different approach be more appropriate.

Wendy Samuelson, Esq. shares the benefits and protections of working within the court system to divorce.  Wendy shares what litigating means, how the process typically unfolds and when and how it can offer protection and support.  We also discuss how to hire a litigating attorney that is a good fit for you.

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