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HC Divorce Demystified: Shifting the Dynamic between You and Your High Conflict Spouse with Dr. Thomas Jordan, Ph.D.

Welcome to today's episode, where we delve into the profound impact family origins have on adult intimate relationships. We'll explore how the imprints of our family dynamics shape our approach to love, conflict, and connection, setting the stage for the patterns that unfold in our most intimate bonds. With insights from a seasoned psychologist and love life researcher, we aim to illuminate the unseen threads that link our past experiences to our present struggles, providing a roadmap for understanding and transformation.

In this enlightening discussion, we invite you to recognize and learn from the patterns inherited from your family of origin. By examining these influences, we offer strategies to shift the dynamic with your high conflict person and lay the groundwork for healthier future relationships. Whether you're in the midst of a high conflict divorce or seeking to break the cycle of discord in your love life, this episode promises valuable insights and practical advice to navigate the journey toward healing and healthier relational dynamics. 

With me today is Dr. Thomas Jordan, a clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst, and love life researcher based in New York City. He is on the faculty of NYU’s Postdoctoral Program in Psychoanalysis, author of Learn to Love: Guide to Healing Your Disappointing Love Life and founder of LoveLifeLearningCenter.com. Dr. Jordan specializes in the psychological treatment of disappointing love lives and has been studying them for over 30 years.

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