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Special Guest: The Financial ABCs When Entering a High Conflict Divorce with Amy Irvine

Regardless of whether you are the monied or non-monied spouse, when facing high conflict divorce, it is vitally important that you get your financial ducks in a row. Divorce is largely about shared parenting and money…today’s guest helps set you up for success on the financial front.

Your high conflict spouse is making threats and telling you how it’s going to shake down. However, unless they are a matrimonial attorney, it is crucial that you turn a deaf ear to their narrative, gather your numbers…what you have, what you owe, what you need and what your marital income is.  For the non-monied spouse, we will also talk about how all income is OURs, not HIS or HERs.  

With me today is Amy Irvine, the founder of Rooted Planning Group and host of Wine and Dime, a weekly podcast.  Amy has also written “Uncork Your Finances”, which she is offering as a free gift for our JBD listeners!!  Amy specializes in working with X-Gen women (as one herself) who want to form a long-term relationship that includes not just financial advice, but financial education as well.

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