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Voices Of Celebration: From Shocking Betrayal to A life of Gratitude, Trust and Love

Kim unexpectedly found out her husband of 26 years was having an affair…moments before a celebration dinner with her daughter. What transpired next was a testament to the coaching work Kim had done and her dedication to keeping her daughter out of the chaos of divorce.

Tune in as Kim shares her challenges with change, trust and forgiveness as she became laser focused on her needs and priorities in the earliest stages of her marriage dissolving.  Kim shares her deep desire to trust in the process and believe that things can and will get better.  She committed to looking for the silver lining, giving up her fear of being alone and focusing on the possibility her future held rather than dwelling in the muck of the past.

The fact that she was telling her story of overcoming was it’s own celebration.  Kim’s story is one of choosing perspective and a positive attitude and then experiencing the power of the mind to set a course and create a future Kim desired.

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