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Healthy Romantic Relationships: Healthy Sex - How Past Experience Informs Future Pleasure

In Today’s episode of Healthy Romantic Relationships we discuss “The Psychological Aspect of Healthy Sex - How Past Experience Informs Future Pleasure. We are exploring What is the healthiest way to engage your sexuality as you enter dating and healthy relationships?

Karisa opens with a powerful statement of the connection between sex and spirituality, the beauty of the act when connected and the many challenges we face when triggered or navigating past traumas.  We look at expectations, discernment and timing when deciding with who and when to become sexually intimate and the reality that intimacy begins with physical touch that does not necessarily lead to sex.  Karisa also shares about the differences in men and women regarding beliefs, and physical reactions both during and after sex…and so much more! 

Karisa is a Sex & Marriage Therapist located in Chattanooga, TN. She’s been in practice since 2011 and currently owns her own private practice- I Love Us: Relationship & Intimacy Counseling. Karisa loves traveling, spending time with loved ones, and is working toward her Ph.D in Clinical Sexology.


How to find Karisa:


Instagram & Facebook:  @ilurelationships



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