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Divorce Trauma Recovery: Karen Shares Her LIVE Rapid Resolution Therapy Session with Jon Connelly

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**Trigger Warning**

This is a very unique and special episode on Rapid Resolution Therapy. I engage in a RRT session with Jon Connelly to help me overcome my childhood sexual trauma.

It may sound like an odd meandering conversation (I certainly thought so). Yet, by the end of this session...and since then...I have been unable to access the pain, fear or struggle that I have had around a two year ongoing sexual assault in my mid teens by a childhood neighbor.

I won't know for certain the impact it has had until I am engaged in dating and romantically involved.

NOTE: There are no personal details shared...it is a very different approach to releasing trauma. I believe there is a hypnotic aspect.

My intention in sharing this deeply personal session is to highlight this modality and the fact that there is no need to relive the trauma you are desiring to release.

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