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Meet the Coaches: Founder, Karen McMahon's Story

Uncategorized Aug 06, 2023

This episode is being shared from the Divorced People podcast which Karen McMahon was recently interviewed on.

Divorced People is a podcast about divorce, marriage, and relationships. The host, Nicole Quallen, a divorced person and collaborative divorce lawyer, speaks with story-tellers who have been through the difficult, beautiful, complicated, super-stigmatized institution and are brave and ready enough to share their experience with us all.

Here is Nicole's introduction to this episode: Karen McMahon is the founder of Journey Beyond Divorce, a podcast and divorce coaching practice, and Karen has seen some sh%t! Karen is wise and kind and fun and funny and we had a blast sharing her long, incredibly difficult, and ultimately triumphant story.

Karen began her divorce process 20 years ago, and is just now sharing her story for the first time in such detail. We talk about what it looked like to raise her children from elementary school-age through their early adulthood, how to make the big big leap to leave, mantras for the times of self-doubt, and lots about the transformative power of tough times. 

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