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JBD Team Talks: Creating Your Future Self Vision for the New Year

When our intention is to transition from married to divorce, how we view ourselves is key. Who you were before your marriage is a different version of you that who you are now. Equally, who you want to grow into being is a healthier more expansive version of the person you are today.

The exercise of creating your Future Self Vision and the value this practice provides can be transformative in and of itself. Imagine your future self, a more healed, gracious and polished you. What is different. Don't worry about HOW to get there, just get clear on where you are going.

In each of our online programs, we invite you into the powerful exercise to get clear and set an intention of who you want to be. This enables you to propel yourself forward knowing exactly where it is you want to go...or in this case, exactly who it is you want to BE!

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