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HC Divorce Demystified: Affluence and Adversity: Financial Intricacies At The Crossroads of High Conflict and High Net Worth Divorce with Patrick Kilbane, CDFA

Navigating a high conflict, high net worth divorce is exceptionally challenging, blending intricate financial issues with intense emotional tensions. The stakes are high with substantial assets in play, demanding informed and strategic planning to ensure your financial stability after the divorce.

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) can be your ally, offering insights to bridge the gap between the divorce's financial and legal complexities. They do more than crunch numbers; they provide an analysis aimed at long-term sustainability, guiding you through the economic implications of your settlement.

As you gear up to negotiate, remember the importance of a clear-headed, informed strategy. Understanding the real value of your assets, including liquidity and tax implications, is crucial. By making decisions informed by logic rather than emotion, you're better positioned for a future that's both financially secure and emotionally fulfilling.

With me today is Patrick Kilbane of Ullmann Wealth Partners, located in Jacksonville FL.  He brings both a wealth of family law experience along with his Certified Divorce Financial Analyst designation to this conversation. Pat serves as a wealth advisors with over a decade of experience in helping clients coordinate their wealth management plans.  

He is also the Director of Ullmann Wealth Partner’s Divorce Advisory Group where he assists, guides, and supports clients before, during, and after their divorce with a special focus on helping high-net-worth clients make wise financial decisions throughout the divorce process. 

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