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JBD Team Talks: Exploring Wellness: Maintaining Physical Wellness During the Divorce Process

Uncategorized Sep 20, 2023
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When going through the divorce process, it is easy to be in an unconscious state of living regarding your well-being as you are focused on so many other things...at least until something happens and you are forced to address it.  Our encouragement is to begin now and don't wait for the crisis.

JBD Coach, Tammy Oswald, suggests living more consciously and focusing on wellness bringing awareness and self-care into the process so you can show up as your best through and beyond the divorce process.

Whether you are completely in tune with your body and the effects stress can cause or unaware and numbed, out we talk through some issues that you may encounter. We also provide solutions and baby steps to stay focused on YOU.

We begin with your most basic form of wellness, your physical health and discuss both the short-term and long-term effects of stress on your body.  Tammy shares her personal story of how wellness became her focus after her high conflict divorce and 3 year court battle impacted her life and well-being.

This podcast series will shine the light on YOU and how to help you not only survive but actually thrive...even before your final settlement is signed!

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