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High Conflict: When Your Child Needs an Attorney - What YOU Need to Know

When children are involved in high conflict divorces, often additional experts are brought in regardless of your legal approach.  Today we speak with a heart centered attorney who represents children in high conflict divorces.  You will learn when an attorney for the child or guardian ad litem is needed.  We discuss how that decision is made and by whom, how the attorney is chosen and paid for and what his/her role is.  As important, we discuss how you can best prepare for conversation with this legal representative for your child and what to expect from him/her.

Joining me is Beth McCormack who practices exclusively in family law matters in Chicago, with experience in complex litigation, as well as mediation and collaborative law. Beth has extensive experience representing the children’s best interests in contentious divorce proceedings and believes strongly in the importance of attorneys working collaboratively to create the best outcome for their clients.  Beth was named the Most Influential Woman Lawyer by Crian’s Chicago Media, along with nominations and awards over the years for Leading Lawyer, Best Lawyer, Super Lawyer all of which speak to the heart and soul she brings to her practice.

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