Ann Margaret shares her struggles around faith and family when deciding whether or not to seek a divorce from her spouse of 19 years. As a devout Catholic, she needed to be 'right with God' and sought to understand if and how her desire to leave her marriage was aligned with her deep faith.

She goes on to share her concerns for the impact the divorce would have on her children, the challenges of living under the same roof during Covid and keeping the 'secret' of the impending divorce from her kids until the school year ended. Finally, Ann Margaret had a huge fear of being alone and shares the unfolding journey of her dating and relationship life after divorce.

Ann Margaret describes her divorce as amicable and post divorce co parenting relationship as respectful. She offers great wisdom and guidance around the power of coaching and the importance of tuning into and listening to the soft voice of intuition that is there to guide you.


Added bonus:  Everyone who reaches out for one on one support, receives a Free Rapid Relief Call to help you along your journey.

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