Part 3 of our series focuses on how to appreciate and benefit from the different voices in your head and their unique perspectives by using “The Brain Huddle” , a practice author Jill Bolte Taylor, PhD refers to as a “Power Tool for Peace”.  The four voices or characters generated by four different types of neural tissue in our brains are somewhat stereotypical in their behavioral patterns which means that the more that you are willing to observe their responses/reactions to circumstances the more freedom you (and they) will have  to work together to support you in a “whole brain life”  

Listen to Lisa and Karen review our four characters and introduce you to the five steps of the “The Brain Huddle”, a practice that starts with using your breath to calm the stress center of your brain. Once you’ve passed the 90 seconds it takes to step back and out of the stress response you’ll be able to hear and access the unique skills, knowledge, and perspectives of the other parts of your brain that are equally you.  

Lisa and Karen share real life examples of using the Brain Huddle to navigate challenging situations that arise during divorce and in life in general. If you want to move beyond the experience of fear, isolation, and despair that arises during divorce and be more effective and happier in your life, this show is for you.  


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