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Divorce and the Family Business: How to Avoid Delays and Disputes: Appraising Your Homes and Commercial Properties

One of the complexities involved in Divorce with a Family Business is the real estate holdings beyond the family residence.  While many affluent families, in addition to their primary residence have vacation homes, when dealing with a family business, commercial real estate is often involved adding complexities to the overall financial picture.  

In either case, a residential or commercial appraiser is vital to assess the value of those properties. Choosing the right appraiser is key and today I am speaking to Michael Vargas who walks us through how to choose the right appraiser, what to expect and how to know you are receiving the best value for each property.  Michael shares the critical importance of leaving emotions aside and receiving a non-biased valuation.  Before we jump in - a little about Michael.

Michael Vargas has over 25 years of diversified real estate experience with a focus on the appraisal and valuation of real estate in the NY Metropolitan Area. Michael is recognized as one of the most experienced professionals in the appraisal of New York area cooperative and condominium housing; and luxury, mansion and complex type residential real estate. Since forming Vanderbilt Appraisal Company in 2003, Mr. Vargas has been engaged to perform appraisal services for some of the area’s most valuable, prestigious, high-dollar value residential properties from Manhattan and the Outer-Boroughs to Westchester County and the Hudson Valley region and as far east as the Hamptons. Michael and his team are also sought after for their expertise in comm including mixed use, retail, multi family development sites and shopping centers.

Contact info:  https://www.vanderbiltappraisal.com/

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