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HC Divorce Demysitifed: Breaking the News: Strategies for Discussing Divorce with Your Kids with Christina McGee, MSW

Telling your kids and you’re getting a divorce is scary and hard.  The world as they know it is about to forever change and feel like it is falling apart.  In many cases regardless of the conflict between the parents, they can rally for the sake of the kids.  In deeply high conflict situations, this isn’t always possible.

So when do you tell, what do you tell, do you tell all the kids together, and how do you determine if you should tell them with your soon to be ex or by yourself.  My golden rule is you always do what is best for the kids, not what’s best for you or your spouse. 

Today we get to hear guidance, advice and wisdom from one of the top experts in the field!!

Christina McGhee is a divorce-parenting expert AND coach with 20+ years of experience, Christina is passionate about providing parents and professionals with information that helps keep the focus where it belongs – on kids. 

She is the author of the highly acclaimed book, Parenting Apart: How separated and divorced parents can raise happy and secure kids and the creator of a Co-Parenting Specialist Certification Training Program for divorce professionals.  As a child of divorce and a bonus mom (aka stepmom), Christina has had lots of opportunities to practice what she preaches.   Together she and her husband have four "adultish" children (2 bonus, 2 bio) and live outside of Houston, Texas, with three rescue dogs, several cats, and a ridiculous number of chickens.   

  • What advice do you have for parents about how to tell their kids they're getting a divorce?  
  • When should parents tell kids?  ( ie. right away? wait till they file or are closer to completing the process? right before the other parent moves out? )
  • What if parents can't transition into two homes right away?  What should parents do?   
  • I know you believe words are powerful. What kind of language do you recommend parents use with their children when they talk about divorce?
  • How should parents answer the question "Why?"
  • What if co-parents have older children - teens or tweens? How much information should they have? 
  • What about really young children?  like toddlers? What should parents do or say for them?

More ways to connect with Christina:

  • Website: divorceandchildren.com  
  • Instagram: @divorceandchildren 
  • Facebook: @divorceandchildren 
  • Linkedin: @christinamcghee 
  • Free +25 page Co-parenting Resource Guide: https://divorceandchildren.com/guide/
    This free +25-page comprehensive guide put together by Christina McGhee is filled with a treasure trove of carefully curated resources to help you access supportive information for you and your kids.

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