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Special Guest: Lesa Koski - High Conflict Coparenting: Tips and Tools for Staying Kid-Centric

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Co-parenting in after the standard, ‘garden variety' divorce can be difficult. When you add high conflict divorce where communicating, collaborating, showing respect, kindness and grace is often absent, co-parenting takes on a new level of complexity. Today my friend, Lesa Koski, and I explore those challenges and the solutions available for parents who are willing to always put the kids first…even when it requires you to bite your tongue until it’s bloody…something I have had a lot of experience doing!!

We’re going to look at the little annoying stuff and the big really important things that can cause conflict and upset to all involved and strategies and tools for mastering the high conflict coparenting challenges you are facing.

Just a bit about Lesa before we begin… Lesa Koski is an attorney based in Woodbury, MN with over 20 years of experience. Lesa has a strong desire to help people through difficult situations so being a divorce mediator is the best fit for her and her clients. Lesa is passionate about mediation because of the children. She even has an online parenting plan course to help you navigate co-parenting and creating a parenting plan!

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