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Divorce Trauma Recovery: Anxiety During Divorce: Normal Anxiety vs. Anxiety Disorder and The Red Flags to Watch For with Drew Lansalata

Journeying into and through divorce has. at best, many moments of 'normal' anxiety.  Then there are individuals who have an anxiety disorder or who are married to someone who does.  What is the difference?  What happens when your normal or disordered anxiety is triggers?  And most important, what can be done to calm these triggered reactions.

Today we take a look at how to manage normal and disordered anxiety and we also look at the children and how divorce and anxiety can affect them, what the normal and red flags are and what can be done to support the kids.

Today's guest is Drew Linsalata who is an Anxiety Expert, Grad Student and Therapist-in-Training, and former sufferer of anxiety and depression for over 25 years. Drew uses his journey and knowledge to help others that are where he used to be!

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