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Covid-19: What Co-Parent’s Need to Know

By Lisa Brick

If you are co-parenting through this pandemic there are certain facts to keep in mind regarding Covid-19 infections and the threat these infections pose you and your loved ones. While more is being learned about the virus every day there is a certain body of understanding that is looking rather solid.  

By now, mid-April 2020, the virology community studying the novel corona virus that causes the disease Covid-19, SARS-CoV-2, has found that the virus is spread most commonly by close and repeated personal contact with someone already infected. The second route of infection is breathing infectious viral particles that are shed in aerosol form by someone already infected during a conversation, or when the infected person coughs or sneezes. It is currently unclear what distance protects you from this second route of infection.  Six feet is the recommendation yet an air current could possibly carry the infectious viral particles further. It is also suspected that aerosol viral particles from an infected person who shows no symptoms of infection may be able to linger in the air for a few hours after that person is no longer there. This is why The Centers for Disease Control is now advising everyone to wear some sort of covering over the mouth and nose when it is necessary to be out and about. Finally, infectious viral particles that are shed by infected individuals can linger on surfaces outside of the body for up to thirty-six hours depending upon the qualities of the surface. This is why hand washing and keeping your hands away from your face is recommended across the board. This virus enters the body through the airways of the nose and mouth as well as through contact with the eyes.  

As far as the risk of serious complications and possibly death from Covid-19, those who are physically compromised by a lung or heart condition, uncontrolled high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes, or are immune compromised are more likely to experience severe and life threatening illness from the virus. While anyone at any age can have one or more of these conditions, the longer an individual lives the more likely it is that he/she will have these conditions and therefore be more susceptible to serious complications. In addition, males are showing to be at higher risk of serious complications than females. Healthy people of any gender and at every age are more apt to recover fully from Covid-19.  

While the death rate from Covid-19 is higher than the seasonal flu it is vital to keep in mind that the vast, vast majority of those who catch Covid-19 will recover.  Many who were infected will never know it until there is enough testing to show who has the antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in their blood.

If you, your children, and your ex are free from these underlying conditions and are restricting your social contacts per recommendations by the CDC yet you are feeling fearful and at risk about contracting or dying from a Covid-19 infection your fear may be far more damaging to your health, the health of your family, and your co-parenting relationship than the virus itself.  This is a time to be gentle with yourself, acknowledge and name your undue anxiety, and use the facts rather than your fears to guide your conversations and actions! 

You need your heart and mind to navigate too many challenges during this time to create unnecessary struggles and suffering for yourself, your children, or your children’s other parent! 

If you want or need support to stay grounded in these tremendously insecure times reach out to us for a complementary Lifeline Coaching Session.  We are here to support you.


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