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Healthy Romantic Relationships: Entering New Relationships with a Positive Mindset and Self Compassion

Welcome to our Healthy Romantic Relationship Series and today’s episode: Entering New Relationships with a Positive Mindset and Self Compassion.  As we dive into this topic, Dr. Jennifer Reid, who is a psychiatrist and award-winning educator with a practice in Philadelphia, shares the importance of realizing how we are wired and therefore how we communicate and react in relationships. Jennifer invites us to create a safe space to speak to our partner and the critical skill of active listening.  We cover the challenges with expectations, the role of sex and your ability to know and be able to express what you need and the brilliance of gratitude, positivity and the skill of acknowledging our partner when we feel loved by them.

Dr. Jennifer Reid also writes and podcasts as The Reflective Doc, sharing practical mental health information to those who may not have access to adequate care and support. She trained at Columbia University and UCLA, and is on the clinical faculty at the University of Pennsylvania. She is also a frequent guest on podcasts and a regular contributor to Psychology Today and Doximity. 

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