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Divorce and The Family Business: How to Protect Your Family’s Future During and Post Divorce


We wrap up our Divorce and The Family Held Business Series with a critically important piece that is often overlooked or attended to only at the end of the divorce.  In the chaos of negotiations and the emotional turmoil that accompanies divorce, there are critical conversations and decisions that need to be made around the business of your estate.  Everything from changing beneficiaries and ensuring you have enough insurance coverage to exploring and updating other trust and estate issues. Consider also the estate planning and estate tax implications post divorce

With us today is Lindsey Paige Markus, Esq. a respected attorney in trusts & estates and author of A GIFT FOR THE FUTURE - Conversations About Estate Planning. Licensed in Illinois, New York, and Florida, Lindsey has a national practice and leads her law firm, Chuhak & Tecson, P.C.'s team of 25 trusts & estates practitioners.

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