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Voices of Celebration: I Found Myself, He Got Sober and Everyone's Better!

Molly knew early on in her marriage that things were not good. She experienced emotional abuse and walked on eggshells to 'keep the peace' with her new spouse. When their child arrived, things got worse as she needed to focus more on the baby than on dad.

Once she decided to divorce, she began setting boundaries, finding her voice and her authenticity. The biggest challenge and surprise was how their parenting dynamic went from all her responsibility to 50/50 custody with dad getting the help he needed to break generational chains and become a present and healthy dad for their child.  

So many hold the belief that if one parent has not been active and present, then they simply can't. Tune in as Molly shares her fear and frustrations, he leap of faith and her spouse's own hard work on himself to become the parent they both hoped he would be for their child.

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