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JBD Team Talks: A Personal, Powerful Perfectly Priced Practice for Healing Through Divorce

When going through divorce, everyone understands that it’s important to talk about what’s going on with people you trust. As you may have discovered, not everyone is available to be the kind of supportive listener when you need to talk about the difficulties you are experiencing.

There is great therapeutic value in being seen, heard, and witnessed even in our darkest moments. We at JBD understand the importance of expressing yourself while you are going through a divorce.

Karen and Carrie discuss the research that's been done to prove that journal writing has lasting benefits - especially in helping people process through stressful, traumatic situations and events. We'll also walk you through a process designed to help you harness the power of writing as you are going through your divorce. Learn how to be your own best friend through the practice of writing. All you need is a pen, paper, and time set aside for YOU.

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