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Healthy Romantic Relationships: An Unconventional Approach to finding oneself and love after divorce

Welcome back to another episode of Healthy Romantic Relationships.  We have a very special guest today, her expertise is as a divorced mom and the title of today’s episode teases our content.  An Unconventional Approach to Finding Oneself and Healthy Love After Divorce is exactly what Laura did.  

I am excited to share Laura’s journey with you and the delicious experiences she had while finding herself and new love…

Before we jump in, Laura Friedman Williams is the author of Amazon #1 bestseller Available: A Very Honest Account of Life After Divorce. She has been a featured guests on dozens of podcasts about divorce, dating, sex and midlife and writes a blog on these subjects for Medium.

Insta, FB, Medium, LinkedIn: @LauraFriedmanWilliams
Twitter: LauraFW212

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