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Journey Inward to Your Authentic Self

Guest Post By Robin Shaw

When going through divorce, we can feel so alone with our thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, we wonder who we can turn to, even if we have a life filled with friends and family who love us. Who will understand? How can we face these folks who have known us in a certain way all of these years? Change is happening. Transformation. 

This sense of aloneness is a sign. Rather than sinking into the abyss of loneliness and despair, here’s an opportunity to turn towards the one who knows you best- yourself! Not your surface self, who may be struggling to get through the day right now. But, your deeper, wiser self. The self without the voice of any other. The one who can withstand the shifts and changes of your life stories and remain rooted in a centered place of inner wisdom, peace, flow, truth.

It is crucial that we take time with ourselves. To soul search, and to get beyond chaos and negativity. To have a felt sense of what is true inside of us, so we can face the world more deeply resourced, and have more clarity moving forward.

Here’s an invitation to try a visualization exercise. A meditative journey to meet your wiser self, your inner guide. 

Read through this offering, and then get comfortable, close your eyes, and travel within.

Take a moment to imagine…….yourself……in the last chapters of your life. You are healthy of mind and body! You know about all of the life paths you have chosen, all the people you have known, all of the years of losses and joys…..Tune into the attributes of this wise elder being. Notice the expression of your eyes, the features of your face, your energy and attitude. 

  • How do you hold yourself? 
  • How do you move your body? 
  • What is your posture? 
  • What are your surroundings? 
  • Where are you living at the end of your life- imagine it just the way you want it. 

Notice sights, sounds, textures. Explore, take your time, slow down, and enter a feeling state. 

Now, ask your wiser elder self any important questions you may wish answered right now. Some ideas:

  • How will I get through this tough time?
  • What do I need to let go of?
  • What do I need to hold on to?
  • What do I need to do differently?
  • What’s important for me in this lifetime? 
  • What’s not important that I don’t need to worry about?
  • Wait for the answers, take them in. 

Thank your elder self, and embrace one another. As you do so, imagine that essence becoming one with you, absorbed within you. That being is you and you are that being. Ageless wisdom is always there with you if you learn to activate it, tap into it. How does this absorption affect you; your body and state of being? How is this wiser self alive in you now?

Take a few notes about this inner meditative journey. How was that experience for you? What answers did you receive? How might this affect your choices moving forward?

The power of imagination takes us into a totally different part of our brains than the part that has us steeped in fear, judgement, hopelessness and stress. It is a way to shift perspective, to actually feel a different pathway than the one that may have become our habit, and likely has us stuck. 

Coaching is deep and beautiful work that aids in this perspective shift. Working in this way may be new and unusual, but will serve you well. Imagining and then living into new viewpoints is an important and sustainable gift as you move forward into your transformation through divorce.

I’d be excited to hear your experience with these ideas and this exercise! Feel free to be in touch.

Robin Shaw is a life coach, yoga teacher and massage therapist, who works with folks moving through divorce. She brings a somatic approach to her coaching and is passionate about the way that the body and brain support one another in deep transformational growth towards a fuller, happier, more balanced life. You can visit her website, www.flowingintowisdom for more information.



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