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All Things Parenting: Long Distant Parenting: The challenges, rewards and best practices with Carrie Norwood

Uncategorized Aug 06, 2023

Distance parenting was a new term to me when I found today’s guest and given that I have been in the divorce field for over a dozen years, that surprised me.  So today we are discussing “Long Distance Parenting: The challenges, rewards and best practices.”

The term Distance Parenting refers to those who are parenting from afar…another state, region or country….physically very far away from their children.  Carrie has been a distance parent for over two decades.  She explains some of the circumstances that create this dynamic, addresses the stigma around it and shares some of the unique complexities faced by those navigating distance parenting.

Carrie Norwood is also a bit unique in that she is not a ‘professional expert’ like so many of my guests.  She’s actually a techy by trade.  Carrie divorced over 20 years ago and found herself needing to long distance parent her 3 year old. She wasn't able to find a single piece of information on how to do it but was certain that failure was not an option.  Carrie figured it out, began supporting other parents in a similar situation and ultimately founded distanceparent.org in 2003. 

Distanceparent.org is the internet's only comprehensive resource for long distance parents and Carrie has been a long distance parenting community facilitator since the organization’s inception.

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