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My Ideal Life

By Patty, a JBD Client

I asked a good friend of mine if she had a good day last Friday and she replied 'it was okay, I'll forget it'...and that got me thinking. I want ALL my days to count. No more going through the motions, day in and day out, spending my time doing life-draining tasks because I think I have to, working towards an end that I am not even really invested in or excited about.

Okay, back to what I DO want. I want to feel free. Free to be who I am, authentic in each moment, and discovering more about what that means each day. I would like to wake up in the morning and create my day, inspired by my environment, surrounded by nature, a loving environment that reflects who I am, places I've been, people I love, and of course, the pets I adore. I have 5 kitties and 2 that live outside that I absolutely love and are such a joy in my life.

My home is simple, decor minimal, and it's warm and cozy.....inviting. It just feels good to be there. It is a sanctuary for relaxation and renewal, and the perfect place to rejuvenate in between adventures and travel. It is sort of a 'base camp'. A place where I bring together all the aspects of who I am and can just be present, then get ready for the next fun thing. In that way, it is just enough and has space for my toys, bikes, equipment, kayak, and the fun vehicle I have for those longer road trips.

I have a home office to work from so that I can refill the bucket of resources that it takes to fund all this, and my work is fulfilling and not stressful. I don't deal with office politics or people caught up in all that.

I have some real great friends that join me in all these activities. They are like-minded and we have fun planning as well as doing all these adventures together. I am not ever lonely. Even in moments when I am physically alone, I enjoy my own company and feel content and unafraid and fulfilled. I am not afraid of anything or driven by fear of, as they say, 'people and economic insecurity'.

I know I can rely on God and myself and can do or create anything I choose. It feels good to know that no one else has the power to rock my world because of the way they wake up feeling about me that day. I don't give that power away. I am grounded and know and trust that God is my Source and with Him all things are possible. And since my God wants me to be happy, joyous, free and fulfilled, I know I can rely on His plan and confidentially and joyfully experience the unfolding of that plan.

When stuff happens that surprises me or appears to be off course, I am amused with anticipatory curiosity of what will happen and what I am supposed to learn from it because I know that everything that happens is FOR me along this journey.

Feeling like this, and living from this perspective is my 'ideal life', regardless of the specific material aspects of it.


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