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Special Guests: Shielding Kids from the Traumatic Impact of High-Conflict Divorce: Point C with Lawrence & Joni Jones

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Custody battles are typical in high conflict divorce.  The problem is the fight is often between two disregulated parents who love their kids but put them in the middle, causing unnecessary pain and suffering.  Today's episode is meant to spotlight the confusion, suffering and trauma your children experience in the process of you fighting for what is 'best for your kids'. There is a better way, one that requires parents to pause and regulate yourselves so you can truly act in your children's best interest rather than from your own pain and triggered reactions.

With me today are Lawrence and Joni Jones, the creators of a 5 minute video that powerfully illustrates how conflicts between divorcing parents can unintentionally cause emotional harm to their children. Point C is a modern day powerful 'fable' designed to help divorcing parents to recognize and support their children's mental health needs during and post divorce.

Larry and Joni Jones are a caring and dynamic couple who have dedicated their lives and professional outreach to helping families navigate the oft-times difficult journey through mental health issues, special needs, and family law.

After serving on the Superior Court bench in New Jersey, Larry retired from public service, began teaching at two Universities, and became significantly involved in mediation and alternative dispute resolution.

Joni is board certified in psychiatric and mental health nursing, and is a certified anger management specialist.

More ways to connect with Larry and Joni:

  • FREE VIDEO - MUST SEE!:  https://www.youtube.com/@pointcdivorce


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