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Special Guest: The Power Trio - Unleashing Strength in Divorce Through Values, Habits, and Behaviors with Shannon McGorry

In the turbulent waters of high-conflict divorce, finding your anchor is essential for staying afloat. In this episode of "The Power Trio," we dive deep into how valuing your values, honoring your habits, and breaking down your behaviors can be the lifebuoy you need during this challenging journey.

Discover the profound impact of aligning your actions with your core values. Today’s guest will discuss a process of self-discovery, helping you identify what truly matters to you and how to use these values as a compass to navigate even the stormiest seas of divorce.

You will also learn how your daily routines and habits can either empower or hinder your progress. And finally, we dive into behavior change and why letting go of destructive behaviors is crucial for your emotional well-being. We discuss actionable steps to break free from behaviors that no longer serve you, helping you reclaim your power and control.

With me today is Shannon McGorry, a Certified Professional Coach, specializing in Divorce and Women’s Empowerment. She is certified through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, is a woman of faith, a mom of two daughters, and a lover of yoga, the beach, being outside, and laughter.

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