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Divorce Trauma Recovery: Reboot Your Mind and Heal Your Heart with Dr. Jon Connelly

Uncategorized Dec 05, 2023
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We are looking at how to Reboot Your Mind and Heal Your Heart with a uniquely painless and rapid trauma recovery modality called Rapid Resolution Therapy (RTT).

In this modality, the mind is cleared of negative beliefs, reorganized to see new possibilities, and stops regretting the past and dreading the future.  Negative habits and painful emotions are replaced by positive feelings and actions.

Freed from the grip of past events, blocked energy is released so that physical and emotional healing can take place.  Once the conflicts in the unconscious mind have been pinpointed and cleared, the desired change is automatic and lasting.

Let me introduce today's guest…

Dr. Connelly founded Rapid Resolution Therapy® that utilizes innovative concepts, multi-level communication and specialized tools to resolve emotional disturbance and maladaptive behavior by changing how the unconscious mind processes information so that improvements are natural, automatic and lasting. RRT is fast, painless, complete and uses strategic processes to resolve troubling thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and relieves suffering.

Jon's early career experiences as a child protective service worker and clinical supervisor in a program for traumatized teens helped shape the creation of Rapid Resolution Therapy®.  RRT offers innovative training programs designed for people looking to relieve suffering.

Jon is the author of Life Changing Conversations with Rapid Resolution Therapy which demonstrates the power of a single session to resolve ongoing trauma and turmoil and dramatically improve well-being.  His next book, Grief is Not Sacred, has just been released and is available through Amazon.

More ways to connect with Dr. Connelly:

  • * Website: Rapid Resolution Therapy® [https://www.rapidresolutiontherapy.com/]
  • Contact Information: (800) 587-2623 / [email protected]

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