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Special Guest: Kate Anthony - Should You Stay or Go: How to make the most difficult decision of your life

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I have a very special guest today. She is a deeply respected colleague of mine, a fervent advocate for women and has dedicated her life to helping them get clear on who they are, what they want and if their marriage is enhancing or diminishing them and the life they desire.

Should I mend or should I end is one of the most excruciating decision to make.  Living in a high conflict marriage means you are attempting to make this decision after years or decades of being abandoned, diminished, belittled and abused.  Fear and uncertainty can cloud your judgement and decision making abilities.  

This is Kate’s zone of genius!!  For over a decade she has been guiding women through the tender exploration of what has occurred in their marriage, what they desire and how to untangle thoughts, feelings and behaviors that have left them stuck and discouraged.  I am so excited to speak to her today and share her new book, hot off the presses!! 

Kate Anthony is the author of The D Word: Making the Ultimate Decision About Your Marriage, host of the critically acclaimed and New York Times recommended podcast The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast and the creator of the groundbreaking online coaching program, Should I Stay or Should I Go? which helps women make the most difficult decision of their lives using coaching tools, relationship education, geeky neuroscience, community support, and deep self-work. Kate is certified as a Domestic Violence Advocate, a Co-Parenting Specialist, and a High Conflict Divorce Coach.

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