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The Ultimate High Conflict Divorce Summit:

Navigating the Chaos of Divorce and Custody Battles with Unparalleled Expertise

November 13–17, 2023 
starting at 11:00 PT/2:00 ET each day 


Dive deep into the skills and knowledge needed to set and uphold boundaries effectively.

Tired of Feeling Like a Doormat in Your Relationship?

Transform Your Dynamic and Command Respect in Just 5 Days

This LIVE Course is Tailor-Made For You If...

Scenario 1: The Disrespectful Partner  

Your partner consistently belittles or criticizes you, ignoring your pleas to stop. You're at the end of your rope, desperate for a way to regain your dignity.

Scenario 2: The Boundary-Crossing Ex  

Your ex insists on discussing adult matters in front of the kids during pick-up and drop-off. Despite your request to keep these conversations private, the problem persists. Divorced or not, you're still trapped in a cycle of disrespect.

Scenario 3: The Interrupting Spouse

Your spouse bombards you with texts and emails throughout your workday, often filled with blame or hurtful words. You feel stuck, struggling to focus on your job and unable to break free from the cycle.

We Get It. You're Not Alone

You continue to engage because you don't want to miss crucial conversations, and you genuinely want a cooperative relationship. But you don't have to sacrifice your self-respect to achieve it.

Find out how to establish and enforce healthy boundaries in just 5 days, and welcome the balanced, respectful relationship you deserve.


Divorce is Challenging, Painful AND an Opportunity to Reinvent Yourself!

The Unique Challenges of High Conflict Divorce Compels Personal Transformation!

Divorce Coaching offers a bridge from the insanity of your current circumstances to an enjoyable and rewarding life.

Karen’s passion is to help men and women navigate the emotional difficulties of relationships, breakups and divorce.

Your work together will open up the possibility that your current relationship challenges can lead to a rewarding voyage of self-discovery and an immensely more pleasing life experience.

Karen founded Journey Beyond Divorce in 2010, after discovering that the pain of dissolving her marriage had been the very stimulus for her personal transformation.

"I’m the person I wish I had by my side throughout my divorce journey and I look forward to helping you along yours." 

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