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Voices Of Celebration: How His Betrayal Led Me to Trust and Honor Myself

Trish reached out for coaching post divorce. She had already done so much work even prior to finding out about her spouse’s infidelity that became the beginning of the end of a 17 year marriage.  With three children ages 11-18, Trish faced a harsh wake up call.

She had been running on auto pilot, doing almost all the work of the household and raising the kids and her spouse was always ‘out working’ and not that involved in the family.  She had stopped asking questions.  While she navigated the divorce details with tenacity and resolve, when her ex and affair partner became ‘official’, she knew she hadn’t grieved the ending of their marriage and needed outside support to emerge whole and healthy.  

Trish dug into coaching and experienced the shift and freedom she wanted. Working with Carrie she learned how to use centering and boundaries to overcome some of the toughest times, detaching from her emotional reactions and creating concrete steps to move forward.  An exercise addressing the affair partner also brought her the much needed closure Trish was looking for.  

Trish was afraid of losing access to my kids, telling people about her ‘failed’ marriage, and the financial doom and homelessness she envisioned.  Today, she shares how none of those fears came true.  Howe she is no longer afraid. She doesn’t have to double check with anyone, she feels more independent and she knows she will never again let someone treat her as if she doesn’t matter.

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